Remote Control Toys Make Great Presents!

The Holidays are here! Have you finished your shopping presents? Still looking for that perfect gift for your teenage son who is difficult to shop for? Look no further than remote control planes and helicopters! These toys are a blast to fly and can spark interest in engineering and science. But you may be unsure about where to start when looking to buy a remote control (RC) toy. That’s why I am here!

I am going to tell you about the first 4 RC vehicles I owned and which ones I would recommend to you. I got hooked on RC toys not too long ago. I had joined a club at my college where we designed, built, and flew unmanned aerial vehicles at competition. When I joined I didn’t know much about RC, but I learned quickly and got bit by the RC bug pretty hard. I wanted to start small so I went out and started looking around. I found a little coaxial helicopter that looked really fun and after shopping around found it on Amazon. It was the Syma S023G 3.5 Channel Helicopter. It was awesome. It is a coaxial helicopter designed after the Apache military helicopter. One problem with it was it was pretty heavy for its size, so the battery life was not that great.

Next I bought the Syma S107N, and 5 minutes after flying it, I ordered another one. It was that much fun. The Syma S107N is much more nimble than the first helicopter I had bought, and also half the price. The battery life is also much better.

Syma had earned my trust with their quality engineering, so I also bought a Syma X1. This is a little quadcopter. But it is extremely well built. It features 3 axis gyros and stabilization. It comes with 2.4GHz transmitter so you can fly outside and get really good range. It also comes in two modes, trainer mode and acrobatic. In trainer mode it is slower to react so that you don’t accidentally crash it easily, and in acrobatic mode you get more maneuverability and speed. If anyone is looking into getting into quadcopters, this is my first recommendation.

My first plane was a Sky Hawk. It is a 4 channel beginner foamie. My brothers and I bought it because we wanted to learn how to fly. It is durable. But not durable enough! We learned that it is important to learn from someone who knows how to fly, or to spend some time on a flight simulator. Rest in peace Sky Hawk. Rest in peace.

If you would like to invest in a flight simulator, I highly recommend it. The two most popular out there are Real Flight and Phoenix RC. My favorite is Phoenix RC which has free updates and you can download new models as they come out. You can also play with many different types of transmitter via the USB hookup, whereas Real Flight uses a proprietary controller.

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